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Drain Cleaners - Water Jetters


Aussie high pressure drain cleaning machines have revolutionised the way that blocked drains are cleared. The Cobra range makes short work of drains blocked by tree roots with a unique drain cleaning head called the Root Ranger by Mustang Nozzles. It vibrates and rotates, clearing roots with a super high powered spinning water jet. Supplied with a full range of Mustang nozzles these machines make drain cleaning quick and easy, and safer than conventional methods.

Drain cleaning applications including;

  •  High pressure clearing of tree roots from drains
  •  Removing grease and fat
  •  Sand and silt removal


High pressure cleaning of hard surfaces including;

  •  Graffiti removal  
  •  Brick cleaning
  •  Roof restoration
  •  Driveway cleaning
  •  Car park clean up  
  •  Paint preparation


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Also available the NEW RAMJET 5000