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RAMJET 5000 

The sewer and drain cleaning trade now has a high pressure water jetting unit that has been designed and built by experts from the high pressure water industry in conjunction with actual users- PLUMBERS.  IPCS took on board both positive and negative comments from their customers – plumbers and built a new drain cleaning and high pressure sewer cleaning machine called the Ramjet 5000. 

The Ramjet 5000 water jetter has all the best features of the current water jetters on the market today and more.

With space in mind the Ramjet 5000 has been designed to only take up a small foot print of only 100cm x 55cm with hose reels removed. This unique features gives the plumber and drainer cleaner maximum vacant space on their vehicle for carrying all their extra tools. 

The Ramjet 5000 features includes mulit-positioning low and high pressure hose reels, high performance pump and engine sets, galvanized roll frame with base and large stainless steel fuel and water tanks. 

For more information on the new Ramjet 5000 water jetting and high pressure sewer cleaning product range contact Jetblaster Sydney on 02 9674 9088. 

(RAMJET is a registered company trademark.)