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Using a Pressure Washer to Ready your Home for Winter - clearing out gutters, drains, and flat surface cleaning.

It is always a good idea to prepare your home for winter. Cleaning out gutters, removing built-up surface dirt and clearing drains with a pressure washer will all aid in ensuring you have a well maintained drainage system. And a well-maintained drainage system will help you to have a healthy home – both for the inhabitants, and for protecting your house from future damage. Our range of high pressure washers and attachments can help you with:

using pressure11. Cleaning your gutters

A blocked, leaking or overflowing gutter can lead to all sorts of problems such as a build-up of mildew, mould or bacteria and a leaking roof. Stagnating water can also attract undesirable pests and rodents. So to get those gutters flowing freely we, at Assassin Jetters, strongly suggest you use the Black Box Electric pressure washer or the Cougar MK III Petrol pressure washer with the gutter cleaner attachment to easily clean out and flush away leaf matter, debris and dirt build-up.
using pressure2

This simple regular maintenance can also save you many dollars in avoiding structural damage from water build-up.
using pressure3If your house is single-story then the large Gutter Cleaner attachment is perfect for you, and for a double-story house, we can still help you with our Telescopic Wand and Gutter Cleaner attachment.

Flushing out those gutters and downpipes with a pressure washer on a regular seasonal basis will ensure that you have peace of mind when the rains come. We carry everything to suit your pressure washing and cleaning needs.


2. Surface Cleaning

using pressure4Winter time may be cold and damp leading to outdoor paths, retaining walls and surfaces becoming slippery and covered in mildew, moss and mould. To make these surfaces clean and safe, use our flat surface Whirl Away cleaners with any of our pressure washers.
Take your time with your pressure washer as some materials can be delicate. But with our expert advice and range of nozzles you can safely clean just about every surface of your home.

using pressure5Work evenly with the high-pressure washer to clean away unsightly staining, dirt and slippery mildew. Most surface mould and mildew problems can be effectively cleared with the use of an appropriate high pressure washer without the use of harsh chemicals. However we also carry the Citrus 6000 ecofriendly concentrate cleaner to help remove unsightly stains and grime.

Contact us here at IPCS, if you have any queries on which high Pressure washer and attachment to use for all your gutter, drain and surface cleaning needs.

Industrial Pressure Cleaner Solutions has built a reputation for engineering and producing a broad range of quality and adaptable Drain Sewer Jetters and Industrial and Commercial Pressure Washers for all types of applications.
We have so many options of purpose built machines that the choices can be endless, however some when the IPCS Technical Team come on board.  With your input, they will help design your custom built sewer Jetter or pressure washer exactly to your required specifications.
In the development stage of your custom build we start with conversations covering the performance of your past sewer Jetter or pressure washer, share ideas and requirements on new sewer jetters or pressure washers and what added value it can bring to your business, we will look over your current vehicle (trailer, Ute, Van) and design a machine that will fit perfectly or help design a new trailer or setup that gives you everything you need right at your fingertips.  This time spent will help you and our Tech team visualize and develop the concept of your custom build, then it will go for quotation and once satisfied with the outcome of design and quoting you will be given your lead time for the production schedule.

IPCS Custom Builds are an affordable and reliable cleaning solution and  we take pride in producing high quality equipment that is used by professionals to get the job done the right way in the right time frame every time.


Perhaps you're a start up business or maybe you're a more established business and it's time to review your prices?

Setting your price for a commercial cleaning business is one of the most important decisions that you make and it helps you maximise products while maintaining a good relationship with your customers..

You're likely to run into some financial problems if your prices are too high or too low, and often new business owners are tempted to set their prices very low – but you could end up having a tiny profit margin which will end up being a big waste of time.

While you're figuring out what to charge for your services, remember the following points:

• You are in business to make a profit

• Thorough research will definitely help you find the right price, which is where you cover your costs and make a profit and your customers are willing to pay it.

For start up business:

The usual way to price pressure cleaning services is to charge a price per square metre. Often outdoor cleaning businesses will have one price for smaller areas (i.e. 1 – 30 square metres), with prices gradually discounting as the size increases.

Some other important other factors to consider are:

Surfaces: Different surfaces largely affect the amount of time you spend on each job. Basic concrete slabs are much easier than fiddly paved areas.

Value adding services: You're going to be doing sealing and applying other things like weedkiller, you'll need to charge for this in your quote.

Are there lots of objects that need moving: Garden furniture, plant pots, garden-gnomes, etc, all have to be moved before you begin the job of pressure washing. They will also have to be moved back before you leave.

Access: You'll want to get your truck or van as close as possible because you'll have to move a lot of equipment to and from your van. The harder it is to access, the longer the job will take.

Currently, pressure washing services in Australia range from $1.50 per square meter for basic services all the way up to $175 per square meter for graffiti removal. Of course these prices are dependant on size and other factors.

We all know that it's much easier to increase prices than to decrease them but your prices will need to go up at some stage in the business cycle. So what's the best way to do this and what should you consider? If you decide to raise your prices, you must pick the right time. Ideally you should choose a time when you'll encounter the least resistance.

Some strategies to consider might be to cross sell your services or tier your pricing so the price hikes might not be too confronting for your existing customers. Cross selling is a way to increase sales of related services i.e. packaged prices for driveway cleaning and weed killer treatment'. Tiered pricing refers to offering multiple price points, with the goal being that the customer will choose the higher tier, for example:

1. Basic house wash $330.00

2. Basic house wash + driveway (and weeds) $440.00

3. House wash, driveway (and weeds) + gutter and roof clean $770.00

Every business has the right to raise prices, however occasionally you'll encounter resistance from existing customers. The best way to deal with is to explain the increased pricing in terms of the added value the service will bring and highlights any investments you've made in your business (new equipment, training etc) that justifies the increase.

At the outset, setting your prices might be quite daunting – however once you get some experience under your belt (and make adjustments if necessary) you'll get much more confident.


High pressure water cleaners have become an essential piece of equipment for the primary producers of Australia as they can save a huge amount of cleaning time, while ensuring that the farm is properly kept in prime working order.

farmersAt Industrial Pressure Cleaner Solutions (IPCS) we have a versatile range of high powered washers to clean tractors, sheds, equipment and livestock areas. Our pressure washers with the steam capability are best used where efficient sanitisation is needed.

Our cold and hot water machines are ideal for the cleaning and sanitizing of facilities, machinery and washing of livestock areas, helping to keep your herd healthy. The investment of a great quality commercial washer could cut cleaning time by as much as half making your operation more efficient and more profitable.

A few tips for pressure washing around the farm:

• Pressure washing should be done over an unpaved area – ideally grass or gravel. This allows the soapy water to soak into the ground and be filtered before eventually recharging the ground water.

• If you have a well or bore – keep pressure washing at least 100 metres from the well head.

• When washing farm equipment spray water mixed with detergent on a low pressure from 2 -3 feet away. Remember to start from the lowest point and work up to prevent streaking.

o Allow 5 – 10 minutes for the detergent to dissolve the surface grime and debris.

o Remove the detergent and debris with high water pressure – starting from the top and working towards the bottom.

o The best results come from using a wide spray.

• When cleaning livestock pens, yards, stables or transport crates - hot water of up to 85 C will quickly and safely sanitise the areas.

Remember you can always Contact Us(link) for some free advice on the best model for your needs and check out the Clearance Items (link) page to see if you can pick up a bargain.

- Wet the entire surface first, this will prevent streaking.
- For best results hold the nozzle 4 to 5 inches from the surface.
- Start with a wide spray pattern and move closer to the surface until you begin to see results and spray with smooth, even strokes.
- If you concentrate in one area for too long, your overall result will not be even and consistent. Similarly try and keep the nozzle the same distance from the surface during the whole spray. A handy tip is to pick sections to work with – i.e squares on a patio – this makes your progress easier to track.
- For heavily stained areas you can add some cleaning detergent for deeper penetration, but for the sake of the environment, choose a detergent without harmful chemical runoff. You can also use turbo or brush attachments in tough spots.
- For vertical projects such as fences or walls, begin at the bottom and work upwards.

How to Buy a Pressure Washer on Ebay or the Internet

Buying a Pressure Washer online can be nightmare. Type in Pressure Washer on Ebay and you will be inundated with pictures and options, psi ratings, EWP ratings, flow rates, engine and pump types, the list will go on and on, and unless you know a little about pressure washers, you’re a plumber or have a degree in engineering you may just get lost in all the jargon and end up purchasing a unit that will not only be wrong for what you want to do with it, but you may also end up paying way too much for an inferior product with nowhere to go for help or support.  It helps to know your stuff!!


So below are our top 5 handy hints and tips when purchasing a pressure washer for either domestic or professional use. Follow some simple rules and you won’t be caught out.


  •   Make contact with the seller, see where their shop / warehouse is and what aftersales support they offer, if any?
  •   Always make sure you are purchasing from a reputable business that is Australian based.
  •   Always make sure you are purchasing a product that has Australian Warranty.
  •   Make sure your pressure washer has universal connections and nozzles, this make for easy replacement and repairs.
  •   If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is!  Remember you get what you pay for. There is a difference between a good fair price and being given a price that you know is 'unreal' and being stung.


Don’t get confused and bamboozled with technical jargon on eBay and the internet, below are some terms used with Pressure Washers and what they mean.


  •    PSI:  Imperial unit of pressure per square inch, how much force your pressure washer will have
  •    BAR: Metric unit of pressure made by the pump also related to PSI (1 BAR = 14.5 PSI)
  •    LMP: Litres per minute; how  many litres per minute flow through the unit
  •    EWP: Effective working pressure; the ability of the engine independant of the engines displacement
  •    HP: Horse power;  the engines capacity and strength


When reading the ad on the internet or eBay, look for contact information, make sure the company  who you are about to buy from are the “real deal” not just a PO box or online store so if anything goes wrong you can contact them.  Making sure the engine and pump are certified and have warranty is another important issue as well as knowing where you can return it to for servicing; this prolongs the life of your purchase and you can purchase any spares and hoses as these items can become lost or damaged rendering your unit useless without them.


It’s not all doom and gloom buying a pressure washer on eBay or the internet. There are some really genuine sellers with great bargains to be had, just make sure you follow the steps to be sure that you are purchasing an asset that will last you more than the first 3 months. 



IPCS has just released a new range of diesel powered cold water high pressure cleaners for the Mining Industry specially designed to suit Mine Site requirements.


This range of machines “MINE SPEC BLASTERS” are available with pressures up to 7300psi and flow rates up to 40 litres per minute to suit a wide variety of cleaning applications such as Mine site general cleaning, Machinery wash down cleaning, Service station cleaning, Concrete cleaning, heavy industrial cleaning, Graffiti removal cleaning and even Hydro demolition.



The heart of the range is the pump and engine package, we only use Bertolini heavy duty piston pumps and Yanmar water cooled diesel engines which are perfectly match with superior quality for long, trouble free working life in the harshest conditions. We over power these units to ensure long life with the three cylinder diesel engines only running at 2200rpm under full load which is where the Yanmar 3TNV88 motors are most efficient and produce maximum torque.


IPCS MINE SPEC BLASTERS come standard in full Mine compliant specification which includes the following;

 – Emergency E stop

 - Lockable Dual pole battery Isolators and  Lockout

 - Spark Arrester

 - Flashing Beacon

 - Bunded pump/engine set

 - Fire Extinguisher

 - Manual Pressure Release Radiator Cap

 - Hi-Viz Class 1 reflective tape fitted to frame


Download spec sheet here


The most popular model in the range is the JB5000MS unit delivering 5000psi pump pressure with an output flow rate of 24 litres per minute for fast and effective general cleaning on MINE SITES, this unit comes complete in fully galvanized skid base with roll frame and features a 50 litre stainless steel water tank, 50 litre fuel tank and a heavy duty Australian made high pressure hose reel.

























For more information on our range of MINE SPEC Pressure cleaners please contact us on 02 9674 9088 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.